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  • the-12


    The playlists will help you find the videos about Japan that you are most interested in. [table id=1 /]…
  • rac-1

    Rachel & Jun

    We’re a Japanese/American married couple! We make vlogs about Japan and our lives! [table id=2 /]…
  • let-6


    Let’s Japan Channel” is a useful source of knowing about Japan. We spread out the happiness and wonderfulness …
  • xpc-2


    To show the world many interesting and amazing things in the Kansai area of Japan we have created this channel…
  • och-14


    This channel will show you how to cook Japanese Home Cooked Meals. Some are kawaii (cute) ♥ [table id=20 …
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    US of Sam

    I’m your average European girl traveling to the wonderful world of MERICAland to go live with my wonderful fia…
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    Hi, I’m Yoko. I’m an artist/musician & YouTube NextUp winner in Japan. [table id=18 /]…
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    adam markus

    Eating Wanko Soba in Morioka Japan [table id=17 /]…
  • jak-3


    make videos chronicling my adventures. The majority of my videos are “Jake versus Japan” but I also do some ra…
  • oha-7


    Introducing Japan, mainly Tokyo, and my usual life sometimes. [table id=15 /]…


  1. oka-30

    American Guy Tries Japanese Host|アメリカ人男の子が「日本のホストに大変身」にチャレンジ!

  2. une-10

    Ultimate juicy Tonkatsu in Tokyo / #21 Ginza Nishimura 銀座にし邑 Unexpected Tokyo

    Unexpected Tokyo MOVIE LIST …
  3. rac-7

    Earthquakes in Japan 地震・日本で起こりうる最恐の事態

    [table id=2 /]…
  4. fin-10

    Kyoto Kimono Beauties Compilation Vol.1 – 京都 着物美人 総集編Vol.1

    FindYourJP MOVIE LIST …
  5. ran-17

    Japanese Shrine & My New Year’s Resolutions

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