Tsukiji Shijo&Jogai Shijo(Outer Market)


The Tsukiji Outer Market, known as the Jogai Shijo, is Japan’s “Food Town,” where one can encounter all of Japan’s traditional foods. A mixture of wholesale and retail shops along with numerous restaurants line the streets, and new culinary trends are born here. Take a walk around and experience the taste of Japan first hand.

■Access(Jogai Shijo)

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Address:5-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku


■Movie List

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■Pickup Restaurunts(Chuo-ku)

yoshitake Sushi Yoshitake[sushi] kyubei Kyubei Main Restaurant[sushi]
tapas Tapas Molecular Bar sushidai Sushidai[sushi]
yamazaki Yamazaki[sushi] gyuan Gyuan[steakhouse]
ukaitei Ukaitei[Teppanyaki] kondo Tempra Kondo[Tempra]
umegaoka Umegaoka Sushino Midori Ginza[sushi] sushizanmai Sushizanmai Tsukijiekimae[sushi]



The Tsukiji Market
Tsukiji Outer Market

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